September 9, 2016


Nowadays, if someone is asked to name an indispensable material, the popular answer is plastic. In fact, we can find it everywhere and in everything, from houses to factories, from low tech to hi tech. However, without Calcium Carbonate Filler, plastic is just plastic. The day Calcium Carbonate Filler was invented was the turning point of the plastic industry as we can reduce cost of finished products, create and improve various expected properties to satisfy our customers.

After longtime researching and preparing, to response to highly customers’ request, a new factory, which is a manufacturer and exporter of Calcium Carbonate Filler, is founded in EGYPT . Our company covers an area of 5,000 square meters with an annual production of 50,000 metric tons, sufficient to satisfy the current market’s demand and providing the ability to expand in the future.

We commit to the most competitive prices and the highest quality products

We Inc. filler industry (raw calcium carbonate) for all purposes in order to use with high  at different rates and for use with raffia to manufacture  bags
In addition to trade in all types of plastic raw materials of polyethylene and polypropylene and pigments, crystals, PVC and Ante Shouk

Start Activity :
Initiated Memco company since 1981, based on the plastic raw materials and manufacturing of bags and bags gentlemen and printed trade as a first stage.

The evolution of activity through the expansion of the import of all plastic raw materials from all Arab and European countries, contracting with larger companies we represent the agent for Saudi SABIC

We did not stop at that, but continued research and development so much So were introduced      a production line for Filler (Master Batch) of the latest European German machinery industry (calcium carbonate +PE)

The work in Memco company on the whole team of Administrators, engineers and technicians of the best human elements to manage the entire production process.

Features Dealing with Memco

  • Serious deal
  • Respond to any query speed
  • Assist the client in choosing the best raw material for his need
  • Permanent follow-up
  • Work on providing the market’s need to satisfy all customers