September 11, 2016


SABIC is a major producer of the key polyolefins PE (Polyethylene) and PP (Polypropylene). Uses range from rigid materials for refrigerators, computers and car parts to industrial food packaging and waterproof film. Some polyolefin products have heat-resistant properties that make them ideal for use in, for example, packaging microwaveable food, while others melt easily for use in heat-sealable wrapping. We make several different types of each polyolefin.


Grade Melt Flow Rate1c)
(g/10 min)
518P 24 1550 Plain
Applications: bulk continous filament, fiber yarns
500P 3 1500 plain
Applications: tape
511A 25 1520 plain
Applications: Spunbond
504P 3.2 1450 plain
Applications: Woven bags, ropes & twines, carpet backing and geotextiles


Grade Melt Flow Rate
(g/10 min)
Izod (+23°C)
Flexural Modulus
 PP575P  11  1600  plain
 Applications: Rigid Packaging, Houseware and Closures
 PP5780P  25  1500  Slip Agent
Applications: Caps & Closures, Toys & Thin wall packaging
520P 10.5 1800 plain
Applications: Packaging
521P 3 1500 plain
Applications: bopp packaging
QR6701K 10 60 1100
Applications: Clear Housewares & Packaging items, Appliances, Caps & Closures, Lids and ISBM Bottles
QR6731K 25 50 1050
Applications: Clear Housewares & Packaging items, Lids, Appliances, Caps & Closures, CD boxes and ISBM Bottles
513MN40 70 70 1200
Applications: General Purpose for food & non-food Thin Wall Injection Molding Applications
412MK49 45 55 1650
Applications: Thin Wall Containers (food and non-food), Housewares, Caps & Closures, Toys and Appliances
49MK45 21 65 1600
Applications: Housewares, Garden furniture, Toys, Appliances, Pails & Containers
57MNK10 12 115 1250
Applications: General molding, Housewares, Toys, Garden furniture, Containers, Crates & Boxes